Curatorial Projects


Opening reception

Friday May 16th 2014, 6pm-9pm.

Merrion Square [East entrance] 6-7.30pm

Satellite show: The Goethe Institut, The Architectural Archive and The National Gallery, 7.30-9pm

Aleana Egan_Daniel Gustav Cramer _Eva Rothschild

Curated by Aoife Tunney

This is the first time that a curated festival of contemporary art will be held in Merrion Square. Included in the festival will be events such as a temporary sculpture exhibition, music and food events, workshops, a satellite exhibition and walking tours will be held during May to September.

Vestibule is a project which considers the architecture and history of this iconic Georgian square. Merrion Square has had a relationship with significant figures in literature and politics such as Oscar Wilde, W.B Yeats, Daniel O'Connell and Bram Stoker and also hosted the momentous The Great Exhibition of 1853.

Internationally acclaimed artists Aleana Egan (Irl), Daniel Gustav Cramer(De) and Eva Rothschild (Irl), will present major temporary sculpture works and a satellite exhibition which will activate Merrion Square and its institutions adding to its already rich cultural history. 

Vestibule is an architectural term which typically refers to a small room or hallway between an entrance and the interior of the building or house. The vestibule acts as an ante-chamber between the exterior and the interior structure, a space in which to consider and reflect.

Merrion Square is a democratic natural space within the city, which allows for the freedom of movement and play. It is an enclosed site that acts as a gallery but also as an apolitical sphere open to possibilities.


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