Curatorial Projects

Capital Forwarding Solutions


Opening: Thursday 24th June 2010, 7pm-10pm. 

Capital Forwarding Solutions  is the first solo project of the Italian artist Paolo W. Tamburella in Ireland and has been developed while the artist was International Artist in Residence at The Model in Sligo.  

This new project curated by Aoife Tunney is connected to the work Djahazi presented by the artist at the 53rd Venice Biennale 2009, as the national participation of the Union of Comoros. A 'Djahazi', a traditional wooden boat from Comoros, was docked in the water opposite the main entrance to the Giardini della Biennale. The boat was loaded with a shipping container, displaying  the logo of international shipping company: Capital Forwarding Solutions. The simplistic style of the boat under the weight of the container reflected the inevitable effect of modernization in the global economy.

Curator Octavio Zaya tells us more in his text for the Venice Biennale  catalogue, The Djahazi: Sailing through globality’s ambivalent seas: 
"Within his ongoing interest and research on modernity and postcolonial conditions, Paolo W.  Tamburella’s project for the Venice Biennale addresses, indirectly and poetically, how the forced integration of national markets into the world system has led to the disappearance of national subsistence and given rise to new forms of dependency and cultural loss and erosion".

In Dublin, Paolo W. Tamburella will create a site-specific installation for The Paper Store, a warehouse built in the 1900s in the Docklands  The installation will feauture the video of the docker Ismael Combo performing in Venice in a flooded building: a contemporary Comorian Ulysses sailing in Dublin waters.