Curatorial Projects



South County Dublin’s Public Art Programme 2016-2019

Co-Curator and Public Art Advisor

‘In Context 4’ is South Dublin County Council’s Public Art Programme for 2016 -2019, which is funded under the Per Cent for Art Scheme.

The programme will build on the fundamental principles and experience of ‘In Context 1, 2 and 3’. This programme continues South Dublin County Council’s commitment, as the Commissioners, of progressive public art processes and practices (in all disciplines). The programme provides a platform for temporality and experimentation, and a supportive environment, which enables artists to explore new ideas and realise ambitious projects.

The vision for In Context 4 - In OUR TIME is to develop a public art programme that acts as a gathering point and catalyst for social change. The Commissioners’ ambition for this programme is that it reflects on the history of the South Dublin County, its present moment, and that it presents a platform for imaginings of our future. By inviting such proposals, through an open submission, the Commissioners are asking artists to drive the agenda for public art that will unsettle assumed, contemporary attitudes of what is possible in our world today. In Context 4 aims to foster a supportive environment for artists throughout the commissioning process. It is anticipated, through this brief, that artists will respond to the experience of the County from a multitude of perspectives – for example, architecture and public realm, culture, environment, heritage, politics, sociology, sustainability, play and well-being to create visions for the future. For In Context 4 - In OUR TIME, the Commissioners are seeking groundbreaking, experimental and radical approaches by artists through projects that foster dialogue, connection and exchange with communities of people and place.

In OUR TIME will assert the role of the ‘artist as citizen’ and the ‘artist as leader’ by asking artists to inspire a future for the County that is connected to a sense of place, community belonging and civic awareness. Relevant questions artists may find themselves thinking about are, ­‐ what are the rhythms of South Dublin County seen through the eyes of both ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’? What is the role of public art and artist in responding to this context? How might an artist tune into the myriad of dynamics and respond to the experience of the County – removing the unnecessary and allowing the essential to emerge? Through an open brief across the art forms, artists will be supported with consideration for the time and duration necessary for extraordinary public art projects to emerge. In making their submissions, artists are asked to actively engage with the different communities of interest in South Dublin County. Imagined as, a series of dynamic and ambitious public art commissions, In Context 4 aims to gather temporary communities around inspirational ideas. Collaboration between artists and local, national or international partners will help to extend the depth of public engagement.